Quality Education with technology and tradition...

"Shri Suresh Adgonda Patil sir is a founder trustee member of our school. The seed in the form of our school, which he had planted twenty eight years ago, has been turned into a beautiful tree which is continuously flourishing. He is a visionary, an exemplary social worker and mentor for our school.

He strongly believes that to create a good society, education is the key. He always thinks that children in our semi urban area should be given the opportunity to get high quality education, with world class facilities.

Our children should be achievers, confident as well as techno smart. But at the same time ethos of our culture and tradition, moral values should be imbibed in them. Then they will be good citizens and above all good human beings.

Our Mentor
Hon. Mr. Suresh Patil.
Founder, Shri A. B. Patil English School