Streak of Success: AISSE 2019 100% RESULTS
Shri A. B. Patil English School

Principal's Message

"#Respect Teachers. #Respect the School"

Did the school ever post the spoiled tiffin box picture on WhatsApp or on FB, which was kept in the child's bag unattended for ages as the parents do not even have the time to take the Tiffin out and wash it?

Did the school ever mention about the unwell child, who was driven back to his or her house along with a caring school staff, after making numerous calls to both parents who did not pick up the call, and were found sleeping in the house at morning 10am with the cell phone on silent mode?

Did the school ever talk about the girl who got her first period at school and was extremely frightened because she did not have the requisite education from her mother; did her mother bother to inform her friends and well-wishers on how the child was being taken care of by the caring teachers?

Did the school ever put an email to the parents stating that the vacation period of the teachers has been reduced as they have to take extra training to update themselves with the curriculum?

Did a teacher ever share a selfie with a student stating that "shared my lunch with my student as his mother was unwell and was not able to cook for him"…feeling joyful?

Did any teacher ever share a screenshot of her medical report which says she has High BP and Spondylitis due to lack of sleep during note book corrections and paper checking?

Did the school ever share a big post on the child who had just lost one of his parents, and how the Principal and the teachers took special care of him on emotional grounds?

Did the school "Moushi" ever sit in the park with other parents and gossip that how a child soiled her saree by vomiting on her and she was wearing that stained/wet saree for the whole day?

Did the teachers ever dared to call the media, when a parent assaulted and abused her verbally and mentally with impulsive behavior just because his or her kid had a fragile ego and had low tolerance level.

Did the school ever publish a column in the newspaper , when a teacher was loyal to her Responsibilities to develop someone else child and she expressed her longingness to be appreciated and thankful for her devotion & dedication.

There are uncountable incidences like these happening in the school every day and every minute. If the school staff and the teachers started sharing the incidents on social media tagging the parents…then just imagine what will happen…Please ponder on the consequences.

So dear parents, before you convey your grudge in an inappropriate way in the society & social media about any school and its staff, please take a few precious moments of yours and give it second thought & view.

Please note that the school is also working for the students and managing so many kids efficiently and effectively day in and day out with utmost love, care and devotion. The teachers teach them, care for them, love them, scold them, cry with them, laugh with them and also sometimes learn from them.

Hence, please respect the school, and let your child learn how to respect.

If as a parent you showcase negativity in front of your child about the teacher & school, remember in a short time it could be you, who will face negativity….. because by this time he or she may learn this art of being disrespectful to elders including parents. So live and let live and make this planet "a wonderful world"

"#Respect Teachers. #Respect the School"