Streak of Success: AISSE 2020 100% RESULTS
Shri A. B. Patil English School

Principal's Message

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever heard about the saying, “Bring ideas in & entertain them royally, for one of them may be the king.” Tweaking it a bit for my convenience, I’m going to cook up my own saying. It goes, “Bring ideas in & entertain them royally, for all of them may generate Kings & Queens.”

At Shri A. B. Patil English School, this is what happens. There is no dearth in bringing new ideas and implementing them for the rising graph of our students.

Its clearly visible that our school is definitely successful in fulfilling its vision and mission. Vision to form a new generation of people who are committed to the task of building up a society and mission to form intellectually developed, morally upright and emotionally matured men and women.

All this is visible from the astonishing number of activities taken in our school this year. These activities are not only unique in their own way but also increase the quality of education. These activities are based on core factors of skill development. They aim to make the acquisition of different skills, effortless and enjoyable for the students.

As I always say, it has become a habit for us to take activities and competitions which are uncommon and extra ordinary. We also have wonderful plans in store for moral and academic improvement of our students in the coming years Excellence of students is our Motto.

All these herculean tasks are always supported by our school Management members and parents. So we thank them heartily. We forsee for their encouragement and appreciation.

“Wish you all the best for the future”